Trademark watch service



Identifying new trademarks that may violate existing trademarks.



A trademark registration provides an exclusive right, but that does not guarantee that others will not violate the trademark. To keep a trademark protected, action has to be taken against infringement.



With our monitoring system we signal infringing trademarks and advise on the best way to ensure enforcement.


If you invest in protecting your trademark and its reputation, it is important that you also remain alert to any infringements and take active steps to ensure that the trademark remains unique.

Even if your trademark is protected, it is still possible for others to register or use the same trademark. By accident or on purpose. The Trademark Authority does not stop this unfortunately; the trademark owner has to do this himself. But, luckily, you are not alone. Thanks to our monitoring system you will receive a timely notification if a trademark is applied for that is similar to an existing trademark. This allows action to be taken in good time.

We are clear on action: pragmatic solutions to achieve the desired goal in a friendly or strict manner. Would you like your trademark to be included in our monitoring system?


Trademark watch service

Trademark watching is a service in which trademarks are actively monitored and new, similar trademark applications are spotted in time and reported to the trademark owner. In this way timely action can be taken against a conflicting trademark.

Monitoring a trademark is crucial for protection. After a trademark has been registered, it is important that the trademark remains distinctive and that third parties do not start protecting or using the same or similar trademarks. Most trademark authorities do not refuse similar trademarks; therefore a trademark owner has to remain alert and take active action. Trademark watching is often the best way to watch over a trademark effectively and efficiently.

Thanks to trademark monitoring, as a trademark owner you know in time whether a conflicting trademark is being filed. You can then object or file an opposition in time. Often the 'new' trademarks have not yet or not for a long time been on the market.

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