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The intellectual property office for the best protection worldwide.

IPCO Law is an intellectual property firm with a mission: making the legal protection of trademarks and designs understandable and accessible to everyone, everywhere. As specialists in worldwide trademark protection, we are here for you right from the start: from the checking and registration of your rights, to the management and monitoring of them. Our IP attorneys and advisors are here for you!


How can we help you?


Trademark registration

Ready to shine with your new name or logo? Start the trademark check and register your trademark.


Design Registration

Have a unique product shape, packaging, or design? Protect it with design registration



Conflict about trademarks, designs, or copyrights? We act on infringement matters or administrative procedures, such as refusals or oppositions.



For everything involved around IP-rights: copyrights, patent rights or management of IP portfolios

We are IPCO Law


One-stop agency for global trademark protection

Since 2010, this team has been the force behind trademarkhost.com, the go-to website for global trademark protection. With over 120 local IP practitioners, we protect trademarks in each and every country. We will always provide you with a free consultation about the chances of success and possibilities before starting the registration process.


Individual attention and counsel

So many marks, so many wishes. At IPCO Law, we always give personal, tailor-made advice. No dusty fuss, but a strong, practical action plan that works for you. Fast, straightforward and with commitment


Knowledge and connection

We are legal professionals who think along proactively, engage in the process and look beyond it. A good client click is our hallmark. To us, it is important that our clients are and remain happy. After all, you don't have a trademark attorney for a short time, but for your entire trademark life.


Trademark check

Check if your trademark is registerable.


Did you know that in Australia, Burger King is named Hungry Jack's?

When Burger King wanted to protect its trademark in Australia, it turned out that a local burger restaurant already registered the name. The American chain 'Wendy's' is also trying for years to register its name for locations in Europe and the Benelux. But the small Dutch snack bar 'Wendy's' - since 1995 a Benelux trademark - beats the American superpower. So no famous Wendy-hamburgers in Europe yet.

Do you believe in the future success of your trademark? Then protect your trademark before it is too late. Because no registration means no protection.

At IPCO Law we are happy to tell you how it works, what the options are and what it costs. Transparently and clearly.


Making fans out of clients


"At RUMAG everything moves fast. We are a fast-growing company and like short lines of communication. That's how we like to work and IPCO law understands that. They make sure that everything is explained in a comprehensible way, without complicated eloquent passages. They think in a broad sense and always come up with sharp, creative solutions. In addition, we can always switch quickly via WhatsApp, just the way we like it!"

Famous and notorious. We have been consulting RUMAG since 2020 on the enforcement and protection of their intellectual property rights. We also register and monitor the RUMAG trademarks and have periodic strategic consultations on all IP matters in which we can assist RUMAG. This way, RUMAG becomes an even stronger brand. The stronger, the better.


OPTI-FLOR "IPCO Law understands what is important to the Opti-flor organization and to our brands. The involvement and personal contact from IPCO ensures that with their knowledge & expertise they can advise and guide us in the best possible way. This is exactly what makes the real difference for us and the many years of cooperation only makes this stronger."

Opti-flor is one of Holland's most innovative breeders. It is a beautiful unique brand. As a pioneer in the ornamental horticulture industry, Opti-flor has been protecting its unique product names for years. Naturally, the Opti-flor brand as carrier of the well-known reputation is well-protected. For over 10 years, we have been actively involved in the creation of new names and the worldwide protection thereof, and we protect concepts and models. In doing so, we actively intervene on behalf of Opti-flor in the event of infringements in the market. After all, a strong brand needs to stay strong, of course.

2017 Hanami-1 hr

"IPCO is for is a very good partner for us who handles everything related to IP matters well and quickly. Their refreshing look at each case makes it a pleasure to work with them and always gives a positive outcome. Fast, fresh, accurate and professional!"

A tasty Japanese gin making its mark on the global market - that's HANAMI. We have been protecting the HANAMI brand worldwide, and have also tackled local refusal procedures and resolved infringement cases. If our clients grow, so do we. In this way, we continuously think actively about the international protection strategy and we carefully guard this brand.


"IPCO Law supports us exactly the way we need. To be honest, we are simply too busy to monitor IP matters and keeping track of potential infringers. IPCO law fully understands our expertise are also aware of the ‘flaws’ we have, so they can fill in our gaps. They are involved, hands-on and a pleasure to work with."

I-nvention is the creator of the 1st cone-shaped e-cigarette. They started with E-njoint and since then, there have been many product innovations and a number of patents, trademarks and designs. We protect trademarks and designs internationally for I-nvention. In this respect, it is important to investigate in-depth what is possible and acceptable on a local level (especially in the tobacco industry). We also counsel and assist I-nvention in the area of IP contracts, IP procedures, domain disputes and more.

We are here to help

Thinking about ways to protect a new trademark? Questions about design protection? Want to take action against infringement or need a fresh look at your existing IP portfolio?

Our first talk is the perfect opportunity to set the tone. We are here to answer all your questions and give you comprehensive advice. Enthusiastically and entirely free of charge.



Check. Protect. Act.

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