Your trademark is priceless and it deserves protection

A trademark is often the most important asset of a company. Customers recognize your products or services by a trademark or logo. So, you invest in it and build your reputation on it. Naturally, you don't want someone else to use your trademark or profit from with it. Therefore, the trademark has to be registered officially. Only with a trademark registration for a certain territory will you have legal protection and can you take legal action against any infringement.

For all things related to trademark protection, it is important to get the right advice and guidance. Our trademark attorney and consultants are experts in all aspects of trademark law, so that your trademark is well protected and you can continue to build a strong brand.


What's a brand without a trademark?

Products, companies: they come in all shapes and sizes. If you really want to stand out, you have to build on your trademark. A strong trademark is worth so much more than what you usually suspect at first glance. Imagine: if all McDonald's factories were to burn down, that would still be less terrible than the loss of the popular, recognizable fast-food brand.


About trademarks


What for

Trade name, product name, logo, colors, shapes



Signs to distinguish products and services of companies.



Provides a monopoly (exclusive right) & protects against infringement and misuse. No registration means you have no trademark rights. A small investment for 10 years of protection.



Protect in the territory where you intend to market the mark.



Check validity and availability, determine strategy, and register your trademark.

Protect your trademark in 3 steps

  • check

    Check. We will check whether the trademark meets the legal requirements and is available. As a result, we will quickly know the likelihood of refusal by the trademark authority or of objection by earlier trademark owners, as well as how we can eliminate these risks.

  • registeer

    Protect. We work together to determine the best protection strategy and the best route to take. We define the classification in accordance with the guidelines, file the application for the trademark with the relevant authorities, and supervise the registration process from start to finish.

  • bewaak

    Act. Once registered, you enjoy legal protection. You get a registration certificate and are able to use the ® sign. But both maintenance and monitoring are a must for proper protection. We are here for you to manage, watch, protect and act for you in case of infringement or proceedings.


Do you want to know if your trademark is suitable for protection?


Take on the world

IPCO Law is the expert for global trademark protection. With our international service Trademarkhost and a partner network of more than 120 agents across the globe, we have been a leader in making global protection more transparent and accessible for the past 11 years. So, whether you need protection in 3 or 50 countries, we provide quick advice on the chances of success in each territory, investigate whether the trademark is still available (free of charge) and advise on the best way to proceed. All done at the most competitive fixed prices.

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Trademark registration Benelux (10 years)
Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 625

Trademark registration Europese Unie (10 jaar)
Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 1450

Trademark registration Verenigd Koninkrijk (10 jaar)
Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 850

Trademark registration Verenigde Staten (10 years)
Trademark registration fee incl 1 classEUR 975

Trademark registration China (10 years)
Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 850


Do you know that a trademark registration often costs you only a few hundred euros and with that, you get a monopoly for 10 years? Including: a trademark attorney who will be there for you during the entire trademark life.

Fixed registration prices. Without surprises.

With us, there is no hourly billing for trademark registration, but one fixed rate. From the very first trademark check, up to registration and a trademark attorney who is there for you for 10 years.


Benelux (10 years)

  • stip-oranje

    Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 625

  • stip-oranje

    Fee additional class EUR 150

European Union (10 years)

  • stip-oranje

    Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 1450

  • stip-oranje

    Fee additional class EUR 225

United Kingdom (10 years)

  • stip-oranje

    Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 850

  • stip-oranje

    Fee additional class EUR 150

United States (10 years)

  • stip-oranje

    Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 975

  • stip-oranje

    Fee additional class EUR 775

China (10 years)

  • stip-oranje

    Trademark registration fee incl 1 class EUR 850

  • stip-oranje

    Fee additional class EUR 150

Always All-inclusive

The registration prices are per trademark and always inclusive of the Official Authority fees and all the IPCO Law activities like:

  • Identical search

  • Trademark assessment

  • Risk analysis

  • Strategy advice

  • Classification analysis and specification

  • Filing of applications up to and including registration (incl. interim updates)

  • Certificate of registration

  • First opinion refusal and/or opposition

  • Registration and management for 10 years

* All prices are exclusive of VAT.
* The final price depends on the number of classes for which a trademark is applied for.

Ready to register your trademark?

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Top 5 questions about trademark registration

To be eligible for trademark registration, a trademark must be distinctive for the products or services for which it is used/protected. A trademark may not describe a characteristic, nature or origin of the goods or services. In general, a trademark cannot be misleading or offensive either.

At IPCO we always assess, with no strings attached, whether a trademark meets the legal requirements.

When filing an application for a trademark registration it is always necessary to indicate the products or services for which the trademark will be used and therefore for which protection is desired. For administrative reasons, products and services are classified into categories, the so-called Nice Classification. This classification comprises 45 classes, of which 34 are product classes and 11 are service classes.
The classification determines the scope of protection of the trademark.
A thorough selection of the classes and the selection of the product and service designations is part of strategic considerations.

There are various types of trademarks. The best-known types are: a word mark (such as IPCO), a figurative mark (pure logo: such as the Nike-swoosh) or combined word/figurative marks. You can therefore register the same trademark in different ways, depending on the distinctive elements for which you wish to obtain protection.

A trademark registration procedure starts with a trademark application filed with a government body (authority). The authority will check whether the trademark meets the legal requirements and will then publish the trademark for opposition purposes. During the opposition phase, owners of older trademarks have the time to object (file an opposition). The opposition period is a fixed period, usually 2 months (Benelux) or 3 months (EU). If there is no refusal or no opposition, the trademark will be registered.

A trademark attorney is usually a professional in law specialized in the protection of intellectual property rights and has completed a 2 year professional training. A trademark attorney knows all the ins and outs of and for the protection of trademarks and designs and can also take effective action in the case of infringement. Although applying for a trademark may seem 'simple', there is a lot involved in ensuring that it is properly protected. Professional guidance is therefore a must.

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