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At IPCO, we have many years of experience in the global protection, enforcement, exploitation and management of trademarks, designs and other IP rights. Since 2010, we have been in charge of the leading website for global trademark registration:

As of 2021, IPCO Law has acquired the entire trademark and design practice of Hortis Legal. We are proud and passionate to continue as the IP representative of more than 2000 loyal worldwide clients.


Our values

We believe that the world of (IP)law is in need of change. We aim to make the protection of trademarks and designs understandable, accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere. This is what we stand for and put our passion into every day.


Whatever question you may have, we are here to help.


Knowledge = Power & Sharing = Caring

Cliché, but true. We firmly believe that that knowledge is power and must be shared. We understand the maze and challenges of intellectual property law and make sure you understand it too. We do not fear putting ourselves out of business in the process. It is when the basic rules for good protection are clear that we can work intensively together to achieve the best protection whilst paying attention to details and moving forward.


What can be done instead of what cannot be done

We don't make things difficult if they can be made easier. With a strong legal basis, we provide practical advice in ready-to-use language. Efficiency and professionalism enable us to act quickly. For example, we can tell you within one day what the chances of success of a trademark are in China. Is there a chance that a brand will be refused? If so, we will be honest and come up with a creative and strategic action plan to make protection possible. We also always tell you in advance what something will cost. So, no more bureaucracy or surprises (unless, of course, there are good).


Makings fans out of clients

Sounds positive, doesn't it? We are, always. Our goal every day is: happy clients. For us, no one is just a number. We take the proper time needed for each contact and are actively involved in the creation, introduction, protection, monitoring and enforcement of the trademarks and designs of all our clients. In addition, we like fast communication, short lines and clear advice. We are continuously working to make the service experience for our customers even more pleasant.

The way we are

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    Straightforward & transparent

    We always do what we say, putting words into action. We get it that you don't have time for all the jumble of legal stuff and we love to make it easy for you. That is why we tell you everything we know, everything you want to know, and everything you need to know to be able make the right decisions. Always honest and crystal clear.

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    Committed & passionate

    We love our job and it shows. Proactively and enthusiastically we analyze, advise and assist on the basis of our sincere interest in every single issue or question, and with commitment towards our clients. We will always take the time for individual attention.

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    Refreshing professionals

    Trademark consultants, trademark attorneys, IP lawyers, you name it: we are authentic professionals. This is what we owe our existence to and why our clients trust us. We are good at our jobs and every day we try to be a little better. To us the term 'good' is not just good in the sense of a high legal standard; we are also good at taking action (don't talk the talk, but walk the walk), at being inventive when the chips are down and at being sharp in every step and action.

Our team

Rachel Bahadoersing

The IE-fanatic

Founder IPCO Law
European Trademark and Design Attorney

Rachel graduated in Intellectual Property Law and Internet Law from the Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and is a Certified Trademark and Design Attorney. She was one of the initiators of the international service Trademarkhost and was head of the trademark and design department of Hortis Legal for 11 years. Her enthusiasm, eye for detail and dedication make her a beloved sparring partner for everything concerning IP rights, from protection to infringement. Rachel also acts in domain arbitration proceedings and appeal cases at the Benelux Court of Justice.

I consider it my personal mission to make trademark and design protection more accessible and fun for entrepreneurs. The dynamics between early involvement in the creation and protection of trademarks and acting against infringement along with the bond with each client and each trademark gives me great pleasure and energy. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling with my family and I love to dance'.

Would you like to know the best protection strategy for your trademark, are you in need of an infringement advice or do you want to have a strategic talk about complex IP issues? Please contact Rachel.

Jeanelle de Cuba

The Trademark Yogi

Trademark and Design consultant

Jeanelle has over 10 years of experience in the field of global trademark protection and has extensive knowledge of local registration possibilities and procedures. She speaks fluent English and Spanish, and her practical approach, commitment and quick responses are the reasons why clients keep coming back to her.

It gives me energy to talk to clients about new trademarks and to show them the way to all the possibilities in the field of protection. From start-up entrepreneurs with a new brand to multinationals with complex IP portfolios, each case brings a new challenge to be solved creatively and strategically. That ensures that no day is the same and every day I learn more and love this profession. In my spare time, I like to spend time with my husband and son, walking along the beach, starting each day with yoga, enjoying good food and going on holiday to my birth country Aruba.

Launching a new trademark and want to know what the chances of success are, or want to know more about local registration procedures? Please contact Jeanelle.

Deniz Coskun

Trademark-Assistant /Office Manager

Anne Weersink


Uma Kirch

Administrative assistant


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