Trademark check

Only registration entitles you to a trademark. For proper trademark protection, strategic advice and guidance are a must. After all, a trademark has to comply with legal requirements, cannot infringe on an older trademark and has to be filed with official authorities ( with own rules/procedures). There are so many things to take into account. We take care of the best protection so you can build a strong brand.

  • check


    We check if the trademark meets the legal requirements and is still available.

  • registeer


    We work together with you to determine the best protection strategy and apply for the trademark in the required countries. We supervise the registration process from A to Z.

  • bewaak


    We actively participate. After the registration, we are at your service to manage, monitor and defend the trademark and to intervene in case of infringement or legal proceeding.

Merk pre-registratie

Step 1 of 2 - Your trademark


Check. Protect. Act.

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